Hi, we're Liz & Lo!

We are the founders of Persevere & Win, a DMV based organization with a goal to provide access to mental health resources & healthy outlets.
It started with us wanting to be able to help our community with their mental health, but not knowing how. We speak from experience. We both struggled with our mental health growing up & are suicide attempt survivors so now, we're on the mission to save our youth. 

We realized that we can't possibly do this by ourselves, so we prayed- a lot. God spoke to us & connected us with the right people; now we have a community of like-minded people, organizations, & businesses. With them, not only do we give back to the community, but we provide resources, support, and events to help raise youth mental health & suicide prevention awareness, while providing access to healthy outlets.
Mental health is an important aspect of overall wellness and should be given the attention that it deserves, especially for our youth.
We're committed to making a difference in our community & our youth's lives with the help of our team.

We believe that by building a strong community that helps build each other up, we can make a positive impact in the DMV. We collaborate & elevate, support one another in our vision of a better tomorrow.
 This is your fight, win.