Sarah (@mergoddess11)

Sarah (@mergoddess11)

“What I have learned on my mental health journey, is the ability to never give up on yourself. Each of us are here for a reason, and when we can embrace and learn more about ourselves, the journey through our shadow self creates valuable gifts that we may not have learned without going through it.

I was born with hip dysplasia and would have a total of 7 hip surgeries from 4 months old until my last one at 15. I suffered through addictions, depression, suicidal attempts and not knowing what my purpose was.  I had dreams and goals of being an Olympic Swimmer. The more I would chase this goal, it would start chasing me. Now I am a 4 time Para-American Record holder and have gone to the Paralympic Trials in 2021.

Through learning more about myself, using tools like human design, quantum physics and the subconscious mind. I have been able to step into my mission and purpose of what I am here to give to humanity. Without my struggles I would not be where I am today.

If you are currently struggling right now, don't give up.  Seek people who support you in all your moments. The most supportive thing I found was finding a community that loved all of me. I didn't need to change for anyone and through that love, more of me would be revealed.

Even if you can't see how amazing you are, no that on the other side there is so much waiting for you. I am grateful I didn't give up, so I can see more of what is possible now.”

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