Ri (@bizcoachri)

Ri (@bizcoachri)

"My mental health journey is one that I am still on, however it really started during my adolescent years while I was in foster care and through adulting. As an adult, I am at a place where I am truly understand what I battle with and know I am not alone, and its ok. Dealing with depression has been blurry during the early years when I wasn’t able to pinpoint the feeling.

However, like mentioned above, I have been able to acknowledge what I need and surround myself with just that. Every day is different, but they are better, I am happier, and I truly experience joy and that it what aim for. (3) major tools I use to help me deal with my mental health journey is Jesus, journaling, and having a tribe. Ultimately, Jesus is who I rely on in the midst of those days where I feel in a dark place. He is my place of peace and has blessed me with a tribe of women who understand me & love me for me. I know I have those I can call on when need be.

Lastly, I journal often…I'm a ‘put your thoughts on paper’ kind of girl. I like to express how I feel and get my thoughts in front of me so I can process and determine the next steps needed for me.

What motivates me to keep going in the midst of a hard time is knowing who I am and what I am called today. I know that despite the things I may look at as weakness are actually my greatest strengths. Secondly, growing up mental awareness wasn’t something that was talked about of often…now there are groups, post, and advocates everywhere you look. Helps me to understand I am not alone and I have resources everywhere I turn.

To someone who is struggling- I SEE YOU & I UNDERSTAND. Know you’re not alone and there is someone out there that you can talk to. Find your tribe, connect with those who will love on you, shed light when all you see is dark, and lastly, those who will not make you feel judged."

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