Naema (@naema.nyah)

Naema (@naema.nyah)

"I would say that my mental health journey started in 2020 when everything in my life was in a constant cycle of transformative moments that made question my existence in this world. When I was younger, I didn’t think of my own mental health or emotions as a priority in my life because everything else including other people were put above myself. However, even though the year 2020 is a year that I wouldn’t want to ever want to repeat, it led me to be more selfish with my time and less tolerant of spaces that make me feel unloved and insecure.


The method I have used to cope through the hardships that have occurred in my life or to face my emotions would be walking outside for an hour and just listening to music.

The motivation that keeps me going every day is knowing that life doesn’t always go one way. The karmic balance of life has to keep a harmony of struggle/transformation and bliss/joy to make sure we are achieving our life purpose.

I would say to someone that is struggling right now that the love you pour into others is going to be poured back into you by God. The state of struggle is here for us to reflect and plan how we are going to prepare for the next chapter and our blessing that is soon to come."
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