Liz (@imlizkhalifa)

Liz (@imlizkhalifa)

"I’ve struggled with my mental health for most of my life. I grew up learning a lot of toxicity from my home life and dealt with anxiety & depression growing up. I have made a few attempts to take my life, but thankfully am still here.

In 2018, I started working out and listening to a podcast called “The Mindset Mentor” by Rob Dial. I slowly started to make physical and mindset changes, but was still highly depressed. In 2020, depression started to get the best of me. I worked nonstop in an ER and my mental health started to crumble. I was drinking excessively at the time and feeling emotionally numb, like I had nothing inside of me, just a hollow shell smiling and laughing around people. Recently, I got diagnosed with ADHD- which made my life make more sense to me. From the inability to focus to having difficulties regulating my emotions, I’ve been re-evaluating everything.

In 2021, I started to have a major mindset shift. I started to listen to The Mindset Mentor routinely which slowly started to shift my mindset.  I began implementing habits that were better for me such as meditating, routine, working out again, podcasts, spending more time outdoors, & tapping back into my creativity. I hired coaches to help me better myself and started to develop healthy friendships with people that I can learn from. What motivates me to keep going is the hope I have to help others and a vision to make a difference in our community. With Persevere & Win, we plan on making that difference and hopefully helping people live to their fullest potential in the process.

The advice that I would give to anyone struggling right now is to remember that you’re a warrior. You’ve already survived 100% of your bad days so there’s nothing you can’t handle. There may be a lot of darkness in the world, but if you look for the light, you’ll always find it. I’m rooting for you & we will get through this together."

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