Jenette (@netty_the_poet)

Jenette (@netty_the_poet)

"As a Latina woman and a single mother, I was always taught to suppress my emotions and I was raised to sweep things under the rug. When my daughters' father passed away and I would begin to cry in front of my mother, she would tell me to stop crying and to let him be. I was hurting and needed to heal, yet was naive in how to. At the age of 34, I had another traumatic experience which led me to seek therapy.

In therapy, I learned to use healthy coping mechanisms. I love to write and I expressed myself through my poetry. I read self help books, I learned to breathe when I have anxiety attacks, and I learned about intrusive thoughts and how to redirect my mind. I can’t say I have all the answers on how to persevere, but I’m doing it. I accomplished my goals. I wrote and published a book and purchased my home. I am constantly learning how to be a good mother to my children, they are my inspiration and the reason I keep going. I realized that I’m my worst critic.

If I had to give someone advice it would be to give yourself credit even on the smallest victories. Healing is not an end goal, but an ongoing process. This is your journey- you can and will get through it."

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