Dino (@dino_bonanno)

Dino (@dino_bonanno)

“My name is Dino. Struggle has brought me as much joy as it has pain. Struggle has taught me essential and valuable lessons about the ways of life.

Prevalent tools I’ve used to cope are mental techniques learned from therapy, experience, and things I learn from failure itself.

Some of these tools include artistic expression via outlets such as music, drawing, painting, or creative writing.Techniques I have learned from therapy include introspection, reflection, empathic foresight exercises and breathing meditations. Failure is inevitable and teaches us what to improve on in life.

What keeps me motivated and persisting is usually the imaginative escapism and pride I take when creating something.

Advice given to someone struggling very much would highly depend and vary based upon on what exactly that struggle is. Sometimes, struggling is not an option and sometimes it is. If your struggle is worth it, then always remind yourself of the listed reasons why you wake up and persist.”

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