Dawn (@dawntoearth_holistic_)

Dawn (@dawntoearth_holistic_)

TRIGGER WARNING: Mention of suicidal thoughts, drug, & alcohol abuse.

"Some of the struggles that I have experienced on my mental health journey have been suicidal thoughts, drug and alcohol abuse, and trauma bonding in place of true connections- whether it be romantic or platonic. I was officially diagnosed with PTSD when I was 30 years old and I was honestly shocked because I thought 'only war veterans had PTSD.' However, finding out that was my "problem" opened up a world of opportunities for healing. My journey has been LONG, however, it has been full of profound moments of digging deep and allowing me to find my true self.

‌I work with a few tools. Dr. Nature and Dr. Nutrition are my main sources of mental health coping tools! Outside of those, I work with a therapist and have a deeply committed spiritual practice. I have also created an emotional support toolbox which includes my cat, trusted friends, family members that I CAN reach out to, intentional use of medicinal mushrooms, yoga, meditation, and breath work.

‌Honestly, what motivates me to keep going and gives me hope is my life's work. As a holistic wellness coach and nutritionist, I am constantly reminding people to take care of themselves. Witnessing the changes in my clients has saved my life over, and over, and over again. I have a purpose that keeps me going; even when the times get dark, I am reminded through my clients to keep going.

‌Some advice that I'd give to people going through the same is that find out what their inner child missed out on and to start chasing that."

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