Lisa (@lisa.chevonne)

Lisa (@lisa.chevonne)

"My name is Alisa, but I prefer going by Lisa! Since high school, I have been on a road less traveled. I joined the military, but unfortunately was seriously ill and almost lost my life. I came back home from the military and have been struggling with my mental health ever since.

Therapy has been amazing, and I truly enjoy creating things and art. I started by renovating my space and creating my sanctuary at home; I got into skating and I have an amazing plant collection. What keeps me going is the people I meet along the way. I’ve experienced many ups and many downs, and when I come across someone who shares the same woes, I let them know they aren’t alone and to remind themselves that giving yourself grace is a must! It does get better, but it it’s okay if today you’re not your best. Just keep going and surround yourself with love and light!

Little Tip: Try everything and get into new hobbies! It can be a lifesaver!"

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