Amber (@berr_babee)

Amber (@berr_babee)

“I used to struggle with not truly being honest with myself. I had to learn to let go of people and habits that weren’t good for me. I kept everything to myself and acted like everything was good when it wasn’t. Once I chose myself and had some deep self reflection, everything changed! I’m proud of myself for my growth, healing journey, and my many accomplishments as a model.

God, prayer, reading the Bible, affirmations, positive quotes and the supportive people in my life have helped me cope.

I know I am capable and will continue to do great things. The people that I inspire and who inspire me keep me motivated. I have to continue to spread my light :)

If you’re struggling mentally, surround yourself with people that you can really talk to and are willing to sometimes just listen. When you’re ready you can talk to a therapist. Surround yourself with positive people. Try something new like a hobby. DO things that bring you joy. Stay strong and have faith!”

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