Amanda (@amandaanoellee)

Amanda (@amandaanoellee)

“When I was younger, I was always told that I was “controlling” and “bossy” and made to feel like that was a bad thing! But as I got older, around college, that’s when I realized my way of thinking wasn’t “normal” and started looking into what anxiety looks like! I got all the way through college, my masters degree, and 6 years of teaching before I finally got help from a therapist and on medication!

I recently started on Prozac so that helps a lot with the day to day anxiety, but obviously doesn’t fix it! I use grounding techniques and patterned breathing and have found those are two things that really help me! Oh and THERAPY!

I like to think about the future and things that excite me. If I’m ever struggling I try to think about all the positive things I have going on in my life!

For someone going through the same, I’d tell them to talk to someone, a friend, a therapist, or your partner! You are not alone and so many people are struggling and don’t feel like they have a good support system.”

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